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Rocky Mountain Trophy Elk Hunts

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Colorado Black Bear Hunts

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Colorado Hunting Expeditions offers Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear and Mountain Lion Hunting Trips in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado

Colorado Hunting Expeditions is located in the beautiful San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado. We have exclusive elk and deer hunting rights on 30,000 acres of prime, private land. Our ranches range in elevation from 6,000 feet to over 10,000 feet, allowing excellent hunting in all seasons.

Customized Hunts: Tell us what you want and we will design the perfect hunt for you!

We offer many different packages depending on the hunters individual needs, including trespass fees, exclusive group leases and fully guided hunts. We guarantee our ranches will never be overcrowded or over-hunted. Whether you are an archer, muzzleloader or rifle hunter, prefer a fully guided hunt, drop camp or trespass fee, we have the perfect hunt for you.

For Guided Hunts, we furnish everything but your personal gear.

  • All lodging and food
  • Airport shuttle
  • Caping and caring of trophies
  • Boxing and shipping your meat and trophies anywhere you desire
  • Taxidermy services are also available

Corporate hunting packages are available.

EXTRA!! Read All About It!

Sportsman's News, December 2016 cover story featured an in-depth look at Colorado Hunting Expeditions and the world class animals available when hunting with this exceptional southwest Colorado hunting outfitter.

Colorado Hunting Expeditions is featured in the December 2016 issue of "Sportsman's News", the official publication of Sportsman's Warehouse.

"Mule Deer Mecca Of The West" is the title of the Sportsman's News cover story written by Michael Deming for the December 2016 issue. Deming recounts his big game hunting adventure with Colorado Hunting Expeditions as he matched wits with a big, wily bull elk:

The bull bugled and broke the silence. It sounded like he was screaming in my ear... I ranged several objects and got set for the shot. At fifty yards, he started rubbing a small clump of oak brush which gave me a chance to draw my bow. I came to full draw and anticipated his next move...

—— Excerpt from "Mule Deer Mecca Of The West" by Michael Deming, Sportsman's News, December 2016. Used with permission.