Here's what our Clients are saying about their hunting experience with Colorado Hunting Expeditions:

  • Hi Bob & Terri,

    We wanted to thank you and send you a token of appreciation for our "Great" Elk hunt.

    Mark did well as our guide and handled the little adversities like a Pro that he is.

    Rick McClure
  • We had a great experience and please share some of the smoked salmon with Mark, Donnie and Marty. Wishing you the Best!!! P.S. The Elk meat is Super!

    -- Rick and Jerad McClure, Alaska
    Rick and Jerad McClure
  • Hi Bob & Terri,

    Wanted to send a few pics of my trophy (not that I am still excited about it or anything), and thank you for the great experience I had at your lodge...

  • You both are super hosts; have super guides (at least our two were); and obviously some premium hunting territory; and most of all — DELICIOUS FOOD...

    I can live without seeing game, but I do not do well when not enjoying lots of great food...

    I heard that another big bull was shot out in the same area as this bad boy... If you have a pic, or a story about such, I would love to see/hear about it...

    You are going to get lots of good PR in central PA... EVERYBODY around here wants to know where I was hunting! Bob - you made a believer out of me... You are MY HERO! Ha ha... Thanks again... and best wishes for a successful, and safe season ahead.

    -- Rick Dailey, Pennsylvania

    After 2 seasons of hunting elk elsewhere, I was finally able to connect with a magnificent 325 point bull elk while hunting with Colorado Hunting Expeditions...

    In fact the 505 yard neck kill shot came within the first 17 minutes of opening day during rifle season.

    The hunting was fantastic and the lodge wonderful. Bob and Terri are some of the nicest people you would ever like to meet.

    While there I gained seven pounds no doubt due to the full course meal of 4 turkeys and all the fixins.

    Hunters from several states provided for great conversations and story telling. I dont know what was the best: the hunt? the food? the lodge? the social camaraderie?

  • Guess I will have to go back next year and find out.

    -- Dennis Dawson, Texas
    Dennis Dawson
  • Bob & Terri,

    I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a enjoyable and successful hunt in 2012.

    Randy Compton

    As I stated before the hunt this was a gift for my wife's birthday. She was elated to harvest her first elk and I was pleased in harvesting a respectful 5 x 5 bull elk.

  • It's in our opinion you operate a first class operation from the food to the sleeping quarters to matching us with a fun and knowledgeable guide.

    The memories you helped us make will last us a lifetime. We will return in the future for additional fun life experiences.

    -- Randy Compton, Ohio

    Randy Compton

    Bob presented me with the opportunity to hunt some awesome ground in 2008. My first bull after 6 years of trying was a nice 6x7 shot on the second afternoon of the season.

    This was a very special hunt as I had buried my big brother only 9 days earlier. The 2011 season will be my 5th season with Colorado Hunting Expeditions. Bob, Mark, Terri, and their associates are all top shelf people.

    I also hunted with them in 2009 when I took a nice muley and bull 45 minutes apart on opening day afternoon.

    -- Ken Skipworth, Texas

  • Ken Skipworth
  • Dear Bob, Terri, Mark and Obie:

    It has been several weeks now since my hunt with you and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for a great hunt.

    I especially appreciate what Obie did for me in getting that great deer. Please tell your taxidermist where to send the bill.

    As discussed before I left camp, please arrange for the rack to be officially scored.

    If its not too much trouble, please send me a picture of the finished mount. I hope it will attract some customers your way in Vegas.

    I hope your third and fourth seasons go as well as my second season trip. Thanks again.

    -- David Izor, Ohio
  • The Hobby Farm Buck

    In my 48 years of hunting, I had never tried Colorado. Stories of the public lands being overrun with hunters diverted me to many other wonderful experiences in other States.

    That changed last summer. I had been accumulating preference points for many species through Carters Application Services the last few years and drew a Colorado Unit 72/73 late season mule deer tag. I decided to hunt with Mark Cooley along with Bob and Terri Luna of Colorado Hunting Expeditions.

    I am not a novice when it comes to mule deer hunting. I have taken many mulies from Alberta down to Sonora and have actually guided for them in 3 States. I was familiar with mountain hunting, plains hunting and desert hunting but I never hunted mule deer like I did here. Most of the hunting that CHE does is on leased land.

  • These leases can be on tiny parcels of under 100 acres near homes and busy roads to large ranches in the transition areas bordering the mountains and forests. The weather on November 14th was unseasonably warm, the rut was late and many of the bigger bucks hadn't even moved into the breeding areas. Warm weather was forecast for the entire week so there was understandable concern.

    On opening morning, we drove to a tiny ranch about 10 miles from the lodge. Tim told me that what was going to happen would happen quickly as the deer left their feeding areas and headed back to the brushy bedding areas.

    As predicted, 15+ does and some spindly 3X3's worked their way past. We drove to a few other hotspots and I couldn't believe that HUNDREDS of does and smaller bucks were just standing around or feeding well into the morning in tiny parcels of cover. It was almost like hunting whitetails in the suburbs of Midwestern cities.

  • We were to sit the same tiny ranch in the evening as several respectable bucks had been seen there. We actually brought out lawn chairs — I'm not kidding you — to an observation point tucked into some cedar trees on a small rise overlooking the grain field.

    Almost at last light, a larger form jumped the fence to our north. The glasses revealed a high, midweight rack that I had guessed at around 26" outside. Tim, who was sitting with me came unglued and repeated 'He's the one, He's the one, I want you to take this buck"!

    I wasn't so sure. He had short G-3's, wasn't that wide and as he came head on to us, he just didn't impress me. Then he turned. Now the main beams showed their length. There was a big inline on the right beam. I estimated him near 180". With him standing broadside at 125 yards, with the rut not in full swing, with the forecast and with the erratic big buck sightings as they were, I decided to drop the hammer.

  • All was over in an instant. As we approached him in the fading light, I was happy to see that he was everything I had hoped for and more. The rear forks grew to the inside — not outwards so he didn't look that big. The main beams stretched to over 27". His rack eventually taped 188".

    I appreciated the effort I saw at CHE. They were on phones to ranchers and gathering information almost all the time. They provided a great lodge, food and camaraderie. A big mulie was icing on the cake. I'll remember this as the hunt with a big mulie on a tiny ranch.

    -- John Kubichek